Telehouse Colocation

Telehouse West

A new site to the highest specifications on the
same campus as Telehouse East and North buildings,
with the best UK Internet connectivity on-site.

Telehouse Docklands
heart of the UK internet

Telehouse West

Telehouse West is the newest building on the Telehouse Docklands campus which opened in 2010. NetConnex can provide co-location space, IP transit and L2 interconnect services in this building.

Our core network is based in Telehouse East, within easy reach of diverse fibre optic cabling running fully on private land via a managed interconnect service provided by Telehouse's in-house cabling team.

All cabinets in the Telehouse West building are specified up to 1000mm deep and provide up to 4kW of power, with diverse A/B feeds.

Access to our core network is available at the main Telehouse Docklands facility. This site consists of three data centre buildings and one administration block. All are connected by raised footbridges and entry is provided through a single secure access point. Telehouse Docklands is the home to the London Internet Exchange (LINX) and other major peering exchanges.

Telehouse Specifications

  • 19,000 sq metres of technical and customer space
  • 24x7x365 access
  • Uniformed security guards
  • Secured perimeter fence
  • Proximity card access control
  • CCTV throughout the facility
  • 2 (N+1) UPS backup per floor
  • Generator backup with a minimum of 24 hours fuel on-site
  • Four redundant HV power feeds from national grid
  • Hot aisle/cold aisle zone design
  • 800mm Raised flooring throughout
  • 1000mm deep rack cabinets as standard

If you choose to locate your server at Telehouse, you will be connected to the core of our network, ideal for high bandwidth and high availability services.


Reasons to choose Telehouse West

  • As home to LINX and LONAP, most of the UK Internet traffic passes via the Telehouse Docklands campus. This provides a unique opportunity to interconnect with other networks to get the best possible performance. Telehouse West is just a short fibre away.
  • Telehouse is owned by KDDI and has been providing high quality datacentre services for over a decade. NetConnex have been operating out of Telehouse Docklands since 2000.

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