We provide clients with a choice of
London colocation facilities including
flagship datacentres Telehouse and Telecity

We use Cisco Catalyst switches

Telehouse, London

Telehouse is the most connected datacentre in the UK, being home to the London Internet Exchange (LINX) and the London Access Point (LONAP) and hundreds of network operators. It forms one of our core network sites. Find out more about Telehouse

Telehouse Europe Datacentre, London

Telecity Redbus, London

TelecityGroup operates a number of facilities around Docklands including the purpose built Sovereign House datacentre as well as sites within Harbour Exchange Square. Find out more about Telecity

Telecity Redbus Datacentre, London


Our Surrey facility offers flexible space on shorter contract terms with possibility of same-day setup for even larger requirements. Call us to find out more...

Surrey Datacentre

Co-location Packages

Each one of our co-location customers will have varying requirements in terms of space, power, support, out-of-band management, etc. so we do not have a single set of packages which suit everyone. Our three main co-location sites are shown below:

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Space 1U to full racks 1U to full racks 1U to full racks
Connectivity 1 - 1000 Mbps 1 - 1000 Mbps 1 - 100 Mbps**
Upstream LINX, LONAP, Transit LINX, LONAP, Transit Diverse links
to Docklands
SLA 99.9% 99.9% 99.5%
BGP Transit Available yes
(diverse in-site)
(diverse off-site)
Dual power (in some suites) available available
Site Core Network Core Network Expansion
Key strength Best connectivity Good connectivity Cost / Flexibility

** We can offer up to 1Gbps in any site, however an increased lead time may apply.

What co-location means?

What you provide..

  • A server (or we can help you source one)
  • The operating system (and any licenses)
  • Manage the server hardware and operating system

What we provide..

  • Space in one of our secure datacentres
  • Air conditioned environment
  • UPS & generator protected power feed
  • Internet Connectivity
  • IP Addresses
  • Support for any network issues

Can you provide me with a server?

Yes – What you are looking for is our Dedicated Servers where we supply the server hardware as part of the service, and fix it if it goes wrong. We can also supply operating system licenses on dedicated servers.

If you want to own your server, but want us to supply the server, this is also an option


Why should I choose NetConnex?

  • We do not rely on any single supplier for our network connectivity . We run an 'autonomous' network which means we are in control over how our routes are announced to the Internet.
  • Our network is designed and maintained for performance and quality which are our priority #1. We provide hosting to companies specialising in network metrics/monitoring and VoIP, applications which are very sensitive to latency, jitter, packet loss and speed variations.
  • We monitor everything. We monitor servers, switches, routers, availability and performance to various international destinations, BGP announcements, traffic levels,
  • We have been providing hosting services since 1997 and have run our own autonomous network for over 10 years. You can rest assured we are financially sound and technically competent. We still have many customers who signed up over ten years ago!
  • We are members of LINX and LONAP so we can interconnect directly with most of the UK network operators . This helps us to get the fastest and most reliable connectivity to key broadband networks and hosting companies, and when problems do arise, we can liaise directly with network engineers of the relevant networks We have diverse connections to both exchanges.
  • We use the best quality international transit providers and our routing policies ensure we pick the optimal path. We have diverse links at 1Gbps or faster to tier-1 providers in multiple sites.
  • We have direct relationships with co-location facilities, with no third parties involved. This protects us from failure of intermediate suppliers.
  • We are a Local Internet Registry within the RIPE region, so we can assign IP space directly to clients from our aggregate block, so it shows up being registered to you.

“We specialise in providing call centres with cost effective VoIP services, so the quality of our platform is absolutely critical. Our customers would notice even a couple of seconds of interruption, at any time, day or night.

We use NetConnex to co-locate our equipment in multiple datacentres, provide our IP connectivity and the inter-site links that connect it all together."

Adam Crisp CEO, (customer since 2005)

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